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3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Gate

By azsaef In Industry, Planning, Rennovation



1) Wash your Gate

Wash your door at least once a year (before the rest of the day) without using soap because by washing it helps to remove large and thick corrosion which it is difficult to remove if it is not washed. Dust will also be removed and the house will always look fresh after being washed

2) Repainting

If there appears to be some areas at Gate that begin to peel off, remove the paint using sandpaper, and re-rate it with paint either brushing or spraying. Make sure the rust effect is removed and there is no residual paint on the Gate before painting so that the outcome will look better and last longer

3) Anti-Rust Oil Spray

With a little budget, you can get anti-corrosive oils that can be used in rugged areas such as Gate outside the house or kitchen windows. Align the anti-corrosive oil on the Gate so that water can not penetrate the material and Gate will last longer without rust

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