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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

By azsaef — In Industry, Planning, Rennovation, Upgrade — March 20, 2019



1) Check the “Padlock”

It’s easy not? But this is the thing that is usually forgotten by us, so make sure you check the state of Padlock at home and change if necessary

2) Immediate Inspection of the Home

Check the current situation of home, make sure no suspicious things are like the impression of the door or other things

3) Proposed Police Patrol

Often back home? or “Outstation”? it is not wrong to contact the Police for patrol assistance around our homes

4) Fake CCTV Installation

Installation of CCTVs is a lot of desire, but with expensive prices makes it hard to make, so it’s not wrong to use fake CCTV just to scare thieves

5) Alarm System “Alarm”

On the ability, install the alarm system or “Alarm” to give early notification if there is an intrusion in the home

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